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The first impression is everything. How your home shows up for its’ debut will be extremely important for potential buyers to see themselves in a home. A few mistakes and this could potentially hurt the selling process. The basics of decluttering and deep cleaning are most important, but we want to dive into our top 3 ways to show off your space even more.

  1. Not thinking about photography

    • Photography is one of the greatest ways to capture a buyer’s attention. Just because you’ve staged your home doesn’t mean that a photographer won’t pick up dust, stains and spots along the way. Consider a top to bottom cleaning by dusting to remove cobwebs and fingerprints. Blocking windows or poor angled furniture may make it difficult for a photographer to work their magic. Go that extra step to make your home ready for those close-ups.
  2. Not thinking about who the potential buyer is

    • Think about your neighborhood, school, and area. What type of person or couple is this? Married? Single? Empty-nesters? Begin planning home staging to match their overall style and lifestyle. Maybe a second bedroom is used as an office. Or, the basement as a true recreational room. Once you focus on this particular group of buyers, it will help your home appeal to and target the right audience.  
  3. Not thinking about where the home sell starts: the outdoors

    • The first impression buyers get is pulling up to your address and seeing your home. Before stepping inside, we want that first impression to start on the right foot. This means maintaining the outdoor space. No matter how clean and staged the inside is, the outdoors must provide the same appeal. 
      • A fresh clean-cut of the lawn is a great way to start.
      • Freshen up your numbers and light fixtures by painting or purchasing new ones.
      • Add potted plants or flowers for texture and color.

Ultimately, when staging a home, focus on traditional pieces of furniture and fresh, soothing color palettes, such as grays, whites and neutrals. Create a cozy, comfortable environment for potential buyers, like a book on a nightstand or towels stacked in the bathroom. These little accents will help buyers visualize themselves in your space. Lastly, make sure to store family photos and personal items and this includes closets too.

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